Ask Alfred iPhone App Knows Where You’ll Eat Lunch

Ask Alfred iPhone App Knows Where You’ll Eat Lunch


I’m sure you’ve been in the situation where you really want to go out to a bar or restaurant, but you just don’t know where to go. You’ve tried googling restaurants near you, read countless reviews, asked friends for recommendations, but you can’t quite guess what you’re in the mood for. Well, now you can Ask Alfred and he’ll tell you.

Alfred is a new iPhone app that uses artificial intelligence to predict what type of restaurant or bar you prefer, before you even know whether you’ll like it. It provides iPhone users with personalized recommendations based on their tastes. The app uses a Clever Sense Serendipity Engine that goes through the vast amounts of information available on the web to fine-tune its search results. This includes things like reviews on Yelp. To figure out what you like, it not only asks you questions, but also looks at the choices you make. The app takes into account all the locations you’ve been to, along with the time and social context, and then provides you with accurate recommendations based on all of the above.

For instance, if you run the app around noon, it would suggest you go to a great lunch bar. If integrated with Facebook or Twitter, it would look at your friend’s mention about a fantastic sushi place she went to for lunch, and weigh that in its decision to determine where you should go. For the moment, Alfred’s predictions are limited to four areas: restaurants, bars, nightclubs and coffee shops, but it will soon be expanded to a variety of other categories. If you’re exploring a new city and you’re not familiar with its locations, or you just haven’t made up your mind on where to go clubbing, just take Alfred with you, and it will be your friendly guide.

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