Artist gives Woodgrain finish to bikes

Artist gives Woodgrain finish to bikes


If you like the faux wood finish found in classic cars and vintage hot rods, but don’t exactly have the desire or cash to collect cars, you can give your bike a sleek make-over with a woodgrain finish.

New Zealander Rob Pollock has been painting car interiors for over 40 years, and his specialty was sprucing up dashboards to give them that shiny faux wood finish. Pollock’s youngest son had been begging him for years to woodgrain his bike frame, and Pollock decided to give it a go. The result impressed Pollock and a bike woodgraining business was born.

Customers can send in their frames and forks to Rob’s home, where each frame is hand-painted over the course of seven to ten days. The process will cost you $1500 USD plus shipping. Shipping to the United States is $100 USD, and can take 4-6 weeks. Check out Pollock’s method in the video. Oh, and if you like the bike in the video, it can be yours for $3000 USD plus shipping.