Steer a Race Car With Your Android Device

Steer a Race Car With Your Android Device


Ever dreamed of driving, say, a Nissan GT-R? Well, let’s face it, most of us will probably never have the chance to drive one. But the BlueDrone R/C car might just give you a similar experience, and on the bright side, there’s no chance of hitting a tree.

BlueDrone is a Bluetooth-controlled car that is compatible with any Android phone. All you have to do is pair the car to your Android device, launch the free app and ‘hit the road’. The controls and commands are made using the touch screen and the accelerometer may be used as an alternative to the onscreen wheel. The car runs on AAA batteries for up to 3 hours. This is a twist on a well-known concept, except that the old remote is now replaced with an Android device, be it smartphone or tablet.

Inside the U.S. the BlueDrone vehicle may be pre-ordered for $59. No international preoreders are being taken for the moment. This tech-toy will probably be on the tech-savvy kids’ Christmas list and the company expects the product to sell pretty well during the 2011 holiday season. Who wants to go for a ride?