Dock and Charge your iPhone in the Stump of a Dead Oak...

Dock and Charge your iPhone in the Stump of a Dead Oak Tree


If you’re going to be environmentally friendly, you may as well look the part. Why use some kind of bioplastic that looks like any other piece of plastic when you can dock your treasured iDevice in what looks like a chunk of wood you found at the beach.

This wooden docking station is handmade in Croatia, and is designed to charge a range of iOS devices, including most iPhones and iPods, with the noted exception of the iPod shuffle of course. It’s also not quite big enough to handle your iPad, but it does look like it can handle an iPhone that’s still wrapped up in a case.

The beautiful thing here is that it’s not some polypropyl-whatever fashioned to look like something that fell off a tree. Instead, this docking station really is made from stumps or broken logs of dead oak trees. In this way, it’s very possible that each individual product is unique. That’s pretty cool. From what I can see, there’s an extra USB port in the front too, in case you want to charge just about anything else. Find it on Etsy for $90 ;so long as they dont actually cut any trees down to make them.