Android App Measures Brain Waves Using a Wireless Headset

Android App Measures Brain Waves Using a Wireless Headset


If you want to measure your brain waves or your pulse, there’s an Android app that does just that, with the help of a wireless headset. How does it work? Well, you would put the wireless device on your head and stick the clips on your earlobe. Then you would start playing a 30 second app game on an Android smartphone that’s specially designed for this measurement.

While gaming, sensors embedded in the headset would measure your neural activity and at the end, the result of your 30 second brain activity would be displayed on the screen. Then, the app would display a chart that graphs concentration and meditation, otherwise known as the “focused state” and “relaxed state.” It can also be used without the gaming, and in this case the subject would meditate upon an emotional topic for 30 seconds. Easy as pie.

The device was designed by KDDI R&D Laboratories and, according to Japan Trends, it has been presented at the International Modern Hospital show that took place this week in Tokyo. Apparently, the headset device takes the wireless brain wave measurement to another level. However, the device is still at the research stage and is not yet available for sale. I’m curious as to what the exact purpose of this would be to consumers. It sounds like yet another marketing tool for gaming companies to harness. As well, I wonder what apps we will see in 5 or 10 years. If, at this moment, the apps only measure our brain waves, how far in the future will apps be able to manipulate our brains?