The iPad 2 purse case from Versetta

The iPad 2 purse case from Versetta


Ladies looking for a practical and stylish way to store their iPad, or gentlemen looking for a gift for their Apple fangirl, you might want to check out Versetta handbags from Scott Creations. The bags are built to incorporate the iPad or iPad 2 into the frame. This allows you to easily access all ports and controls, which is great on the subway when you’re squished between two people and the only space you have is on your lap. A padded flap protects the iPad from any bumps or shoves.

The Prima collection features colourful bags in different styles, while the Affari collection features more subtle bags in classical dark colours clearly targeted at business professionals. A third collection features backpacks and will be available in mid-September. Since this is a trendy and fashionable bag, it’s not going to come cheap. All the Prima bags are $189.00, while the majority of the Affari bags are $229.00.

If you already shelled out at least $500 for the iPad 2, $189 shouldn’t be too steep for you. Gentlemen, if your lady has an iPad, consider gifting her one for her birthday. Though on Amazon a messenger bag designed for the iPad and iPad 2 from CaseCrown with multiple compartments (without an incorporated frame and accessible ports) retails for about $28 and seems to be getting good reviews. Your call.