Verbatim Store ‘n’ Stay USB is Smaller than a Dime

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Stay USB is Smaller than a Dime


Gee, I wish this was smaller, is probably not what comes to mind when you look at an USB stick. I mean, the stick is already pocket-sized, and you may have spent precious time searching for it in an overflowing desk drawer, like I have. Nonetheless, Verbatim has released the puny USB stick that’s smaller than a dime. It’s called the Store ‘n’ Stay, and if smaller means better to you, you can get up to 16 GB of extra storage on the thing.

The selling feature of the USB is that since it’s so tiny, you can just leave it in your laptop’s USB port without worrying about snapping it off.  It’s primary use though, is those USB ports showing up on car stereos.  Rather than having an ugly bulky USB stick sticking out of your dash, this tiny little thing will offer you stealth expansion.  There’s also no light on it, so the blinking may or may not get on your nerves sometimes, with this, it’s not a problem.  Aside from that, the Store ‘n’ Stay is obviously tiny and will be the easiest of any USB stick to lose, that’s the down side. The up side is that it works about as well as you would expect any USB stick to work, and it’s Verbatim.

You can get the Store ‘n’ Stay USB drive in 4 GB ($20), 8 GB ($30), and 16 GB ($60). The USB stick, or perhaps nub, is compatible with Windows 7 and Vista, Mac OS 9.x or higher and Linux kernel 2.6x and higher. You can get 5200 photos and 4000 songs on the 16 GB. As long as you don’t lose it.