Take an iHit with the iPhone case that stashes your goods

Take an iHit with the iPhone case that stashes your goods


Oh dude…

We’ve seen quite the range of iPhone cases over the years. Some double up as wallets, some offer extended battery life, even a bottle opener or two. But the iHit case, this is a different kind of contraption altogether, because it comes with an extra compartment on the side for your cigarette or, let’s say, cigarette-like belongings. That’s the regular $20 case.

Bump up to the $25 iHit case and you get something called a one-hitter, which is basically designed for a single “hit” of… herbal products. I’m all for convergence, but I never thought of combining these two areas of interest into a single product. Besides, it doesn’t look all that stealthy to begin with.

In any case, was a Kickstarter project, then got pulled because of Kickstarter’s policies conflicting with the intended use of the iHit. So they have resorted to some PayPal “pre-orders” on their website, I dont know man, sounds alot like that guy who has to go to his friends to pickup your stuff but promises to be back in 20 minutes. Regardless, they need some help to get it off the couch ground.