Philips GoGear Muse 3 PMP protects your hearing

Philips GoGear Muse 3 PMP protects your hearing


I like music, and I like it loud. That might explain why my hearing isn’t as good as it used to be. That also might mean it’d be a good idea for me to consider the Philips GoGear Muse 3. Yes, standalone music players still exist and some people prefer them over using smartphones for music. Or they don’t have a smartphone.

In the case of the GoGear Muse 3, you get something called the SafeSound function. Basically, it monitors the sound level of Marilyn Manson and Def Leppard, alerting you if the volume is probably a little too high for your eardrums to handle. You could heed this warning and lower the volume yourself, or you could let SafeSound automatically adjust the volume for you.

Your sense of hearing will probably thank you, but it kind of takes the fun out of rocking out with super loud music. Even so, if you still want to be able to hear in 20 years, lowering the volume is likely a good idea. This PMP will even pump out daily and weekly overviews of your listening patterns, making sure that you’re still in sound health. Other specs include the SoundPersonalisation graphic equalizer, 3.2-inch touchscreen, noise-isolating in-ear headphones, built-in speaker and plenty of format support (including video). The 8GB and 16GB models are on sale now for about $175 and $223.