Safety first: FireText smoke alarm automatically sends SMS messages

Safety first: FireText smoke alarm automatically sends SMS messages


If you’re at home and the smoke alarm goes off, you can take the necessary measures to put out that flame. What if you are away from home? In that instance, it may be worth your while to invest in the FireText smoke alarm. The alarm actually sends you a text message when it gets set off by smoke.

This can be of monumental value, especially if you have pets. You don’t want to come home from work only to discover that your home has burned to a crisp. You don’t want to wait until your neighbors take the initiative to call the fire department. There’s no denying that FireText can be useful.

The trouble is that it can be quite expensive. The smoke alarm retails for about $144 at Firebox, but since it uses GSM technology, it also needs a SIM card. This means that you also have to pay for cell phone service for your smoke detector… and if you live in anything bigger than a shoebox, you’ll need more than one of these. The charges add up pretty quickly.

I think the concept is a good one, but wouldn’t it be better if it could be adapted to use Wi-Fi, sending you an email when it gets set off instead? We all have smartphones these days, so getting an e-mail is just as timely as getting SMS, right?