Upcoming Apple update to kill JailBreakMe iOS exploit?

Upcoming Apple update to kill JailBreakMe iOS exploit?


It was a cheer heard ’round the world: the iPad 2 jailbreak had arrived by way of Comex. However, it looks like Apple might be patching up the security hole that allows the new JailBreakMe.com to work in the first place. Yes, already.

They say that the German Federal Office for Information Security discovered a security flaw in iOS in which PDF files could hide malicious code (gee, isn’t that what Comex also discovered), which in turn could provide the hackers with valuable personal data. It’s through a similar kind of PDF exploit that you are able to jailbreak your iOS device through Jailbreakme.com.

The German IT agency calls it a “critical weakness,” and Apple says it “takes security very seriously.” Apple is working on a software update that would patch the hole, but did not specify when it would be available. This would take away the viability of JailBreakMe until Comex can figure out another workaround.

Photo from The Next Web.