Retina display coming to iPad 2 Plus before year’s end?

Retina display coming to iPad 2 Plus before year’s end?


It’s not quite an iPad 3, and probably won’t be rocking some sort of quad-core A6 processor, but the so-called “iPad 2 Plus” could be hitting an Apple Store shelf near you before the end of this year. That is, if analyst Craig Berger of FBR Capital Markets is to be believed.

The naming is highly unofficial, but he’s saying that Apple is currently shopping around for manufacturers in China and that an “updated version” of the existing iPad 2 will be made available some time this year. The most notable improvement will be a better display. Berger is saying that the pixel density will get a bump from the current 132ppi to somewhere between 250 and 300ppi.

For perspective, the iPhone 4 has a pixel density of 326ppi and Steve Jobs himself said that the “magic number” is somewhere around 300 pixels per inch. Anything above that is a “Retina Display,” so the iPad 2 Plus would get awfully close to that sweet spot. If that’s the case, the new iPad 2 Plus would boast a resolution of around 2048×1536, putting in right in line with the unnamed Samsung tablet… unless it’s really the same panel.

Would you want an iPad 2 Plus with a Retina-esque Display or would you rather wait out for a real iPad 3D?