Are you ready for the CLAP?

Are you ready for the CLAP?


I’m not entirely sure why someone would want this aside from the novelty factor, but the novelty factor has been enough to sell a whole whack of other products already. What you have here is a very simple digital camera that is quite small.

They’ve shaped it to look like a conventional camera, including the “bump” where you might normally find a hot shoe, but that’s not really a functional bump. It’s just for look. You can then pop out the side cap to reveal a USB connector, which is used both for transfering images and video off the camera and for charging its internal lithium-ion battery. It takes microSD cards up to 16GB.

The images can be up to 1.3MP (1280×1024) and the videos can be up to 720×480 in resolution, despite the CLAP having a 2MP F2.8 lens. You can expect image quality to be similar to that of an entry-level webcam, it seems, so it’s probably a better idea to whip out your iPhone or Droid instead. I don’t see this tiny camera being all that more discreet, considering it’s shaped like a camera and has a very obvious lens too. It also doesn’t help that you have no viewfinder to frame your shot.

Shrug. I guess there’s a place in the market for almost anything and there are certainly worse ways to spend $49.95. I can think of lots of better ways though.