Tron Concept Phone is a classic beauty

Tron Concept Phone is a classic beauty


Few Science Fiction fans can ignore Tron, the Disney-started franchise back in 1982. Sure, perhaps it is not regarded as “mainstream” as Star Trek, Star Wars or Doctor Who, but through its two films (as well as video games) it has slowly become a cult classic.

With that in mind the Tron inspired smartphone by Raul Galindo had been created. Aptly named the “Tron Phone,” it measures only 7mm in thickness, has a 4-inch display and a rather stylish, movie inspired light strip surrounding the sides of the device.

Although from looking at pictures the smartphone seems to be running iOS, that is certainly subject to change. Unfortunately, although the design may look futuristic, with a less than impressive screen size, xenon flash powered front and back cameras, and physical buttons that, while may look incredibly beautiful (I like Tron), are hardly appropriate for a phone sporting a “digitized universe”.

Still, we should praise Raul Galindo for designing such an interesting concept. Perhaps in the distant future, we won’t even need phones to communicate. Alas, if you are indeed a Tron fan, then this gadget is certainly for you. Even though it may not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen, it’s certainly the shiniest.