Do you get 3D Headaches? De-3D Glasses are what you need

Do you get 3D Headaches? De-3D Glasses are what you need


3D seems to be the latest selling “feature” for not only movies but also consumer electronics. Companies are quick to jump onto the 3D trend, but are consumers? The technology could end up having some limitations, like the Asus 7-inch 3D tablet that only allows you to view 3D in landscape mode.

While 3D movies are increasing in popularity, it can be a real headache for some people. Literally. While no long-term effects associated with 3D viewing have been found yet, short-term effects have included headaches, nausea, dizziness and blurred vision. The effects can last a few hours and seriously ruin the 3D experience for those unlucky enough to experience them. If you’re not the biggest fan of 3D but your friends want to go see the latest Transformers in 3D, you can get De-3D glasses and join them. That’s right, you can pay $8.99 for a pair of glasses that can turn any 3D movie into plain old 2D.

3D movies work by showing two overlapping images on the screen. One image is meant to be seen by the right eye and one is meant to be seen by the left eye. 3D glasses darken the eye that is not meant to see the image. This happens up to 64 times per second. The De-3D glasses, on the other hand, take the image intended for the right eye, and deliver it to both eyes. The system apparently works in any cinema that uses Real 3D technology. If you’re willing to tag along with your friends and pay extra for the 3D experience, and fork over more cash for De-3D glasses, you can buy them online on ThinkGeek.