Kanz Outdoors field kitchen takes camping to a new level

Kanz Outdoors field kitchen takes camping to a new level


When it comes to camping, you are either the rough, outback survivalist, spending your nights in a sleeping bag and living on beans, wieners or various wild nutrients, or you prefer bringing a tent and a miniature kitchen to cook full meals as if you are still at home. For the people that prefer a more “tamed” weekend surrounded by nature, but with the help of technology, the Kanz Outdoor’s Field Kitchen is the right choice.

Made from marine-grade aluminum and Baltic birch plywood, the Kanz Field Kitchen is basically a self-contained portable camping kitchen, helping you store and use all your gear. When in opened and in use, the camping kitchen transforms its top lid into a makeshift wind protection panel while a wooden front panel folds to serve as a food preparation surface. Depending on your location or preference, you can either place the unit on a picnic table, or use its optional set of legs.

Though the basic version (around $595 US) includes silverware drawer, various small compartments for cooking utensils and plates,  Kanz will not include a burner. They will, however, offer you a choice between a Coleman Powerhouse dual-fuel stove burner for a hundred dollars more, or, if you want to enjoy a premium experience, a powerful Partner Steel stove for roughly $800 extra.

Sure, in some ways (especially financial ones) this may seem like overkill, but if you enjoy eating outdoors in style, then look no further than Kanz Outdoors.