AutoWed lets you get married from a vending machine, sort of

AutoWed lets you get married from a vending machine, sort of


Oh, vending machines. They’ve offered us so many things besides sugary, chemically-altered liquid. They’ve sold us SD cards at the London airport, (which would have been handy when I arrived in Hawaii with my DSLR, flash and two lenses and realized I had left my SD card at home) and iPods at the Las Vegas Hilton. Whether you think it’s ridiculous or handy to sell electronics gear in a vending machine, there’s no doubt that automating sales is gaining popularity.

Now imagine a vending machine that would automate your wedding! Who needs a priest and a church when a machine will do it for you, for way cheaper? Even if you go for a justice of the peace and a hall instead of a church, you’re still paying a good sum of money just to say “I do.” With the AutoWed, for or only $1 you get a pair of plastic wedding bands and a personalized certificate that binds you and your significant other in holy matrimony in the jurisdiction of Chuck E Cheese. But seriously, the novelty wedding machine looks like an oversized Barbie toy, if this catches on it would be a novelty in Vegas, where fast and cheap are often the main selling points for weddings.

What’s next? AutoDivorce?