Samsung’s Solar powered Netbook to land in the USA in July

Samsung’s Solar powered Netbook to land in the USA in July


Okay, let’s say you go out on a picnic and you want to listen to some music on your notebook while enjoying the open air and the sun light. Oops! You have forgotten the charger home and notebook’s battery can only last for about three hours. There is no need to panic, you can still use your notebook provided that you own a Samsung NC215S model.

Samsung’s notebook is capable to charge the battery using solar energy only, which means you can use your notebook while enjoying outdoors activities as long as the sun is shining. The device has a solar panel lid which captures solar energy and turns it into electricity.

Let us see what is hiding under NC215S’ hood. Samsung NC215S is powered by a dual-core Intel ATOM N570 CPU set at 1.66GHz and brings 1GB of RAM.  The standard 10.1-inch display is capable to offer a 1024×600p resolution.

As for the solar panel lid performance, you only need to place the notebook under the Sun for two hours and you get a one-hour battery life time. Just pray the sky does not get cloudy.

NC215S is currently available in Russia only, but Samsung will roll the notebook in the USA next month.