Bio Trust uses people’s faces as passwords

Bio Trust uses people’s faces as passwords


Remember all the spy movies where protagonists had to scan their retinas, or even their entire face to get into some secret base or vault? With 3M Cogent’s new development, we can now bring that high security feeling into our living rooms

Bio Trust is a software that allows PC users to log in to their computers using a password they carry around with them at all times and impossible to forget: their faces. The application integrates facial recognition technology, replacing old school password systems currently in use by PC owners to log in.

Once you have installed the program you only need to take a few photos of your face via the webcam and then restart the computer, PC World informs. As soon as the PC has recognized your face, it will run your user account automatically which means you can say farewell to passwords.

Bio Trust also integrates a native password administrator which surveys your log in to various sites and allows you to use biometric authentication. The app is compatible only with Internet Explorer for the time being. 3M Cogent has informed that the program will also offer support for Firefox and Chrome in the near future.

With social networking sites on the rise however, using the software for critical situations might just prove too risky, as anyone can look through our pictures, take one, and use it to simulate our “presence” there. Or worse, kidnap you and make a silicon copy of your face.

Bio Trust is available for purchase for 9 Euros and it requires 300MB for installation. Tests have shown that the software does not slow down your computer.