New Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets Announced

New Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets Announced


My desk is littered with post-it notes and scraps of paper that are scribbled with to-do lists, reminders and important dates. The original 8.5-inch Boogie Board LCD tablet, a digital replacement for note pads, appealed to my desire to quit wasting so much paper. If I could cut back on my tree consumption for only $30, I’d be pretty happy.

The only problem I could see with the Boogie Board is that it didn’t have permanent storage. The only thing it would function as for me would be for a daily to-do list. I couldn’t set up reminders for weeks in advance, or save an important note. Once the Boogie Board got too cluttered to squeeze in any more notes, I’d have to erase it and all those notes would be gone. Also, the 3V watch battery was not replaceable. But the good thing is the device could retain the scribbles without needing to power the display, which ensured that the Boogie Board could last for 50,000 refreshes.

Improv Electronics has now announced some new additions to the Boogie Board, which aim to appease critics of the non-replaceable battery. The new 10.5 LCD Writing Tablet has a bigger-screen, binder-friendly casing and runs on two AAAA-sized user-replaceable batteries. It costs $59.95 US. Yay for the low-energy, replaceable batteries, but does that and the bigger screen really warrant an extra $30?

For those not wanting to upgrade, there’s a new accessory for the old 8.5 inch Boogie Board that allows the board to be attached to a fridge door, wall or almost any other flat surface. The Boogie Board Message Center includes a reversible cork/metal insert underneath the main tablet area for push pin or magnetic paper notes. It costs $19.95. Improv Electronics is also going to release a new version of the 8.5-inch model, housed in a special casing that includes holes for clipping into two, three and four ring binders and a holder for the included stylus. It’s priced at US $44.95. Does new casing really warrant an additional $15?

I don’t know if I can justify spending close to $50 or more on something that doesn’t have permanent storage, though it would be an excellent addition to the kitchen or hallway for kids to write reminders or amuse themselves the way they used to with an Etch A Sketch. The new additions will start shipping in July.