Android Trojan automatically subscribes you to premium SMS services

Android Trojan automatically subscribes you to premium SMS services


Uh oh. One of the troubles associated with developing an increasingly popular product is that you become a bigger target for the bad guys too. Google Android is not immune to these kinds of attacks and the most recent one could cost you a pretty penny. That’s because it could start sending you daily jokes and daily horoscopes.

Dubbed GGTracker, this is a new Trojan that finds its way onto Android devices. After it has been downloaded onto a user’s phone, it will start to subscribe that user to a number of premium SMS services without their knowledge. GGTracker gets its way onto phones through a malicious website that mimics Android Market. There is then an in-app advertisement that downloads the Trojan onto the handset.

For now, GGTracker seems to be targeting US smartphone users, but there’s no real reason to think you’re immune if you’re outside of the states. The two “false” apps perpetuating this attack are a fake battery optimizer ( and a porn app (

The easiest way to avoid these kinds of attacks? Stick to sites and services that you know and trust. This is really no different than the safety precautions you should be taking on your computer. After all, that Android smartphone is more powerful than a computer you may have had just a few years ago.