anaPad is the barf-proof iPad knockoff for your kid

anaPad is the barf-proof iPad knockoff for your kid


Does it drive you crazy when your toddler wants to play with your iPad, distracting you from that important task? Does it get sticky fingers all over the place just after you polished the display? Maybe its into chucking things across the room into walls? Well, here you are; the low-tech barf-proof anaPad. Basically a magnetic whiteboard that mimics the iPad in design so you can do a switcheroo. Your kid can poke at the anaPad without you worrying about being out $100 for a smashed display. The anaPad will sell for a mere $30.

The anaPad is crafted in the same dimensions as a real iPad and comes with little app magnets that your kid can play with. Hopefully your kid is old enough to know swallowing small objects is a bad idea, otherwise you might want to skip the magnets and just let it chuck the anaPad around the room. The duo that sells the toy notes on their Etsy shop that the product is recommended for ages three and over.

Features include scribble, drool and vomit proof, unlike your precious iPad. It’s being sold as a “children’s creative tablet.” We’re counting the minutes until Apple sues the hell out of the duo.