Air Guitar Anyone?

Air Guitar Anyone?


Ever since you have heard the tunes of Kiss and AC/DC you wished you were a rock star. And just like any fan you started playing air guitar while listening to your favorite tracks. The problem was that you heard the guitar only in your head.

Air Guitar Move for the iPhone is here to help you become a real rock star.  The device incorporates a motion sensing guitar pick that turns your iPhone into a guitar.

First you need to connect the pick to the 30-pin dock connector of the iPhone or the iPod Touch. Then hold the iPhone in one hand and pretend it is a guitar neck while strumming the pick in the air. It’s as simple as that.

Air Guitar Move also brings a free play app that will make you a rock music song writer. The guitar pick will be available in two colors: black and red (for the limited edition).

Air Guitar Move for the iPhone is only a Kickstarter project for the time being, but you can help developers get the device into production faster by pledging your support.

The first Air Guitar Move manufactured will go to the highest bidder.