A4tech V-Track: Wireless, Padless Mouse for All Kind of Surfaces

A4tech V-Track: Wireless, Padless Mouse for All Kind of Surfaces


We all know that mice, the peripheral devices that is, require a mouse pad or atleast a good solid surface to work on smoothly. You will have a hard time trying to move the pointer on the display if you are using the mouse on a surface as smooth as glass or on the the wooly blanket while sitting on the bed.

Well, the new A4tech mice can solves that. We’ll call it the space pen of mice, A4tech has incorporated V-Track technology that works with ”good precision on smooth or uneven surfaces”, like fur, your sweater, pants, the dirt and your hair. The technology is very useful because it lets mice users literally use any type of surface.

V-Track promises to increase image quality by up to 2.8 times compared too standard optical mice. A4TECH V-TRACK has a lens opening of only 5 mm2, while other mice can have a lens opening of up to 75 mm2. A narrower lens opening means that less dust deposits inside the peripheral. A4TECH V-TRACK is not an expensive mouse, for example the G9-500F model costs around $25 and saves you from buying a mouse pad. The company plans to launch other 20 new V-Track models in August and integrate the technology in all its A4tech mouse models by the end of the year.