SWITL will takeover the World one condiment stain at a time

SWITL will takeover the World one condiment stain at a time


SWITL is a robot arm developed by  Furukawa Kikou, this thing can slurp up – without even modifying its shape – materials that are in a semi-liquid state, this could include a variety of things such as spilt ketchup and mayo, some dog vomit off the floor, or worse, blood splatters, luncheon meat and a lot of other boring stuff that we don’t care about.  The arm incorporates a very thin Teflon sheet which is used pretty much as a high speed shovel.  Or maybe a comparison between a chameleon flicking out its tongue and SWITL would be more accurate in terms of speed.

The prototype uses Teflon, but the manufacturer thinks it is possible to obtain the same performance using sheets made of other materials.   SWITL is obviously destined to an unseen boring life within industrial factories and packing delicate materials that need to stay in the same shape.   Another franken-contraption for the meat processing industry, giving humans a rest at picking up sloppy mechanically separated carcasses for packing.

The company that created SWITL does not currently intent to commercialize its product directly overseas but we think their just playing hard to get. If the right partner came along, the company admits they “sell the technology.”