Nintendo Wii U Brings a Whole New Gaming Experience

Nintendo Wii U Brings a Whole New Gaming Experience


Nintendo introduced its new game controller, codenamed “Wii U” at the E3 gaming expo this week. The device has an impressive design with its large 6.2-inch touch screen, dual analog sticks, countless buttons and will utilize a new 25GB proprietary data disc format.

Nintendo’s game controller is light as air and users will never feel their hands numb as happens with other heavy game controllers. Playing games is a comfortable experience due to the impressive ergonomics.

Another amazing feature of Wii U is the possibility to change the viewpoint and see immediate in-game surroundings thus gaining a better understanding of the game.

The Wii U is the first Nintendo console whose games are visually on the level with the Xbox 360 and PS3 (or at least close to it).

The touch screen is not as impressive, however and viewing angles are rather narrow, thefore gamers should stay near the center to see clear images. The pixel density is quite satisfying but lack of multi-touch limits the controller’s capabilities.

All in all, Nintendo’s Wii U is a well designed game controller that will absorb players into the games they play and take them to a whole new gaming world.