iPhone Desk Phone with Speakerphone Dock Review

iPhone Desk Phone with Speakerphone Dock Review


Perhaps you’re trapped in the days of yesteryear, looking for a way to bring a bit of nostalgia back to your high-tech lifestyle, and besides, you have to sit down once in a while. The KEE Utility Desk Phone Dock for iPhone may just take you back in time enough to enjoy your technology once again.

The KEE Utility Desk Phone Dock for iPhone is simple, and does exactly what you would imagine it would. It’s a very well made, solid, desk phone dock made with Cupertino style using materials that could have been ripped off from Apple’s hardware factory. So yes, it will match the rest of your Apple gadgets.

With an integrated docking station for your iPhone (3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 all supported), you can easily have a safe place to keep your phone while you’re working at the desk. Since landlines are almost all gone these days, some people may just want the traditional look and feel of a desk phone.

A dial underneath lets you adjust the docking cradle to the appropriate height, since the iPhone 4 and 3G are slightly different in thickness, you can get the perfect alignment for your dock connector regardless of which iPhone you have.

It only comes in white right now, but the website says black is coming soon. It’s the Apple white too, so it matches the keys of the Apple Wireless Keyboard to a T.

The handset and main body of the dock phone sit on top of a large block of silver aluminum. This aluminum look is identical to the Apple aluminum of the iMac, Wireless Keyboard and everything else aluminum Apple. It’s an obvious and perfect match and has an ergonomic tilt for an optimal viewing angle.

Using the docking Desk Phone is super easy. You just slide your iPhone into the cradle, plug in the audio connector and its a done deal. It would be nice if there was someway to not use the 3.5mm audio connector, but in all reality, there’s no point, so this works the best. With it plugged in, your iPhone is now a desk phone.

You would think you could just pickup the handset to answer a call, but no, you still need to slide and swipe to answer a call. This is a bit disappointing, but atleast the Dock Phone knows if you are in handset or speakerphone mode and switches between the two automatically when the receiver is lifted or put down. Magnets in the receiver give it a bit of weight while also letting it sit in the cradle with ease. With that said, it will not hang up your call when you put the receiver down, you still need to do this from the iPhone interface.

A big round recessed knob is easily accessible for adjusting the volume, you can also tap it for mute which will be indicated by an LED light. We were impressed by the speakerphone quality, it does have dual speakers for stereo sound, but does sound a little bit flat. The microphone is great, people can hear directly in front, over top, or across the room without any echos. It seems to have good strong pickup and leans towards a higher quality speakerphone than a cheap one.

The handset itself is in the shape of a rectangle. There are only two things we did not like about it. 1) The cord is a little bit short, but we’re sure this can be stretched out with time, and 2) the speaker for your ear does not have any type of curvature, so it makes it a difficult to know where the optimal position of the handset should be when its against your ear. If there was a little curvature to it we believe you could easily find the sweet spot for optimal sound quality.

Bottom Line
The $150 Desk Phone Dock is a stylish addition to anyones home office, if you’re simply looking for a high-end desktop speakerphone, a bit of nostalgia, or simply want to reduce your radiation exposure, this is a great gadget to do it with. There are a few quirks like no auto answer on pickup which we hope can be worked out in the future with software, but with that said, it’s still well made product.

– $150 from KEE Utility Shop

KEE Slider and Uniter Cases

The KEE Slider and Uniter iPhone 4 cases are the same soft matte texture as the Dock Phone. We have about a half dozen cases on the test bench right now, the KEE Slider is our choice for everyday usage and came in the box with the Dock Phone. Its a convenient two piece system that slides apart giving you easy access to the dock connector when needed, but also protecting it from dust and dirt when you’re on the go. Its so slim you hardly know its there and a good addition to your dock phone.