Nintendo DS Gets A Little Wappy Dog

Nintendo DS Gets A Little Wappy Dog


If you’re not sure if you can take care of a real pet, perhaps training with a virtual one would be a good start. Activision Publishing will launch Wappy Dog, a virtual pet game for handheld devices scheduled for release this holiday season.

Wappy Dog lets young gamers take care of a virtual dog and teach it how to do various tricks or play mini-games together.  We saw the success of Tamagotchi, but that little egg shaped keychain may not be enough for this generation. Its nice to interact with a puppy that has a shape, and you can do it to the Wappy Dog via a Nintendo DS.   In order to make your puppy learn and grow, evolve and improve its skills, the dog will show you whether its happy or not by wagging its tail and yes of course, barking too. Constant interaction is a must if you want to keep your dog happy, and this isn’t far from the truth with the real life kind.

“We were excited about Wappy Dog from the moment we saw it. This one-of-a-kind toy and video game combines a strong emotional bond and exciting virtual experience with the interaction of a physical pet “, said David Oxford from Activision Publishing.

Wappy Dog owners can choose to play the game in one of two modes; home or travel depending on how much time do you have to take care of your virtual dog.  Wappy’s cheeks can also turn five different colors depending on its mood. Bright colors mean the dog is happy and willing to cooperate and a happy dog means that new tricks will be unlocked.  The game displays Wappy through its five age states letting gamers witness how their puppy mature into a pooch.

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