Swiftkey X Android App Now Even MORE Predictive

Swiftkey X Android App Now Even MORE Predictive


The SwiftKey app for Android is supposed to be intelligent. It gradually learns your typing habits and your favourite words to help speed up your typing, then gives you a predictive text experience that is more personalized than that lousy autocorrect. The keyboard picks up all the special and uncommon words you frequently use and stores them in a library, then offers them up as word suggestions the next time you begin to spell the word.

Now TouchType have released a second version of the app called SwiftKey X, which takes predictive text even further by accessing your SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail to create a profile that captures the way you speak. The app is constantly learning how you use language to offer a text prediction experience that might give you the eerie feeling that it’s reading your mind.

SwiftKey X uses word context and personalized language models to think about words like you do, helping to ease the strain of typing on smartphones. It is continually learning from the way you write to give more accurate predictions and allow you to type faster and faster. SwiftKey X adapts the touch-sensitive area of its keys, based on your actual touchscreen input actions, resulting in predictions that are based not just on the words you tend to use, but also the way you type. Since the app knows how you type, it should eliminate those awful autocorrect fails where phrases you used once come back to haunt you.

SwiftKey X is available as a beta app, but if the idea of SwitfKey going through your personal accounts freaks you out, you can get the regular SwiftKey for $1.99 on the Android Market. SwiftKey is also working on a version for the Android tablet, and that beta version should be coming soon.