iPhone Gets Full Size Keyboard Dock via Omnio WOWKeys

iPhone Gets Full Size Keyboard Dock via Omnio WOWKeys


After being shown off about six months ago, the Omnio WOWKeys Keyboard is now shipping to all the iEnthusiasts around the world. In a nutshell, it’s like an EeeKeyboard, except it is built to work with your Apple iPhone.

You get a full size keyboard with a docking station to the right for your iPhone. This can work with your computer, using your iPhone (along with a suitable app) as a trackpad, but the real value is when you use it as a standalone device. You will need a power source, though, so those USB external batteries will come in handy.

When docked, you have quick access media controls at the top of the keyboard, shuffling through your iPod collection on the fly. You can then use the keyboard itself to type out e-mails, status updates, text messages, and whatever else rather than rely on the touchscreen keyboard.

This sounds like it could be an interesting idea, but the reliance on a computer connection or an external battery could hurt it. Why didn’t Omnio give us the option of using an internal battery of some kind? In any case, the WOWKeys is shipping now for $100.