$139 Barnes & Noble Nook Touchscreen Challenges Cheap Kindle

$139 Barnes & Noble Nook Touchscreen Challenges Cheap Kindle


Last month, the ad-supported Amazon Kindle was revealed at a paltry $114. Even if you do away with the ads, an entry-level Kindle is still only $139. Well, now you can land yourself a Nook from Barnes and Noble for the same $139, except this one gets a touchscreen.

No, it’s not really the same as the more expensive (and Android-powered) Nook Color, but the lower-cost Nook e-reader still gives you a touchscreen interface on its 6-inch display. It’s also 35% lighter than its predecessor. If you want to go cheaper, the original Nook is now $119, though B&N has stopped making them.

The Nook is second only to the Kindle when it comes to the dedicated e-book reader market and this cheaper touchscreen option should help with that growth. Not everyone wants to spend $499+ on an iPad, you know. In any case, the new touchscreen Nook is available now through the B&N site and will show up in retail stores (including Best Buy) next month.