Friday Android App Knows What You Did Last Night

Friday Android App Knows What You Did Last Night


Friday is an Android app that functions as a search engine for your life. The app allows you to find out where you were, what calls you made, what emails you sent and what song you were listening to on any given day. The app gives you analytics of your entire phone usage. Such an app would have come useful to the guys in The Hangover when trying to locate their lost buddy, since the app tracks GPS location too.

So my big question is, with the iPhone tracking its users by automatically recording location data, should we expect this app to do the same? As well, will the Friday app use your data for marketing purposes? With Friday, every single thing you’ve done on your phone since the first day you bought it can be recalled. Facebook offers a similar service where users are able to download a zip file containing a copy of all the information they put on Facebook, including photos, videos, posts and messages. Facebook keeps track of all this information and uses it to select the appropriate audience for advertisements. Will the Friday app do something similar?

Friday is currently in alpha version, but if interested you can sign up for an invite.