Rumor: iPhone 4S to Lack LTE Because of Qualcomm?

Rumor: iPhone 4S to Lack LTE Because of Qualcomm?


We’re hearing all sorts of rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5, which is sounding more likely to be the iPhone 4S. It’s going to have a bigger screen that’ll go edge-to-edge, they say. It might do NFC or it might not, they say. And it won’t have LTE connectivity and this last bit seems to be due to Qualcomm.

If you belief the reports and hearsay, Apple wanted to order LTE chips from Qualcomm for use inside the next iPhone, but Qualcomm has been struggling to get production up to speed. As a result, there aren’t enough chips being made to satisfy Apple’s requests and, thus, there is no LTE in the iPhone 4S.

But that’s not all, really. If the iPhone were to get LTE, it would likely have to get a bigger battery and this would then, in turn, force the issue of making a new (larger) design to accommodate the bigger battery. Without a firm confirmation from Qualcomm that they can increase chip yield, Apple reportedly went ahead with just 3G.

As a side note, the camera for the iPhone 4S will reportedly come from Omnivision and not Sony. In any case, production of the next iPhone might be a little late (August instead of the previously rumored July), but they still hope to hit the rumored launch window of September… even if there is no LTE until perhaps the next chapter in the iPhone story.