PSN Woes Continue with Password Reset Exploit

PSN Woes Continue with Password Reset Exploit


Just when you thought that Sony was finally in the clear, it looks like the PlayStation Network has another gaping hole in its security. Again. A hack has come to the surface, revealing an exploit wherein hackers can change a user’s password on them.

How? All they need is the user’s email address and his or her date of birth… you know, the kind of information that was compromised in the first wave of attacks. If they already have this info, they could just go and change your password, having their way with your PSN account all over again. Great. Just great.

The good news is that after this exploit was brought to the attention of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, they took down the web-based PSN password recovery site “for maintenance.” They say the hole has now been patched and you can go ahead and change your password on your PS3. It’s probably a good idea to change your e-mail address (since you can’t honestly change your birthdate) too, just in case.