Video Conferencing ATMs to Outsource Banking Industry

Video Conferencing ATMs to Outsource Banking Industry


For old-fashioned people stuck in the past who complain about not being able to talk to a real person at the ATM, now they will be able to. Virtually. The world’s biggest ATM provider is giving a throwback to the days when taking out cash from the bank required talking to a human. NCR is unveiling an ATM with integrated two-way video conferencing that lets users talk live with a remote teller. Customers will still be able to use the self-service function on ATMs, but the new multi-function NCR SelfServ 32 ATM will also let users carry out a transaction using an interactive teller interface with a remote teller.

According to NCR, the technology will let financial institutions provide teller services for 24 hours a day. The intent is for the service to be beneficial to people who can’t carry out banking transactions that require a teller during regular banking hours, and to provide teller services to remote locations that don’t have branches.

The new service would certainly help those who work a 9 to 5 and can’t see a teller during the week, though some banks are now open on weekends. I can’t see this being useful unless all services that were once done inside can be done through the ATM. For example, if I forget the PIN on my credit card, can I show the teller two pieces of ID through the screen to be able to change my PIN? Or is this something I will still have to do inside anyway? And if I can do any service through the interactive ATM, will this result in bank queues forming outside in front of the ATM, in addition to inside the bank?

The interactive teller machines are powered by technology from Utah-based uGenius video banking specialists, and are currently on trial in the U.S. Sounds like another way to outsource jobs.