Toshiba Getting Closer to Flexible Rollable Phones

Toshiba Getting Closer to Flexible Rollable Phones


The trouble with pretty much every screen technology out there right now is that it’s rigid. It doesn’t matter if you go for LCD or AMOLED; the screen has to be stiff. Well, we’re getting that much closer to true commercial viability of flexible displays thanks to a recent prototype from Toshiba.

The Toshiba flexible OLED display is three-inches in size and, like other flexible displays we’ve seen, it can flex and curve while retaining decent image quality. It helps that they’ve kept the display at just 0.1mm of thickness and a mere 1 gram of weight. They achieved this by attaching an oxide semiconductor TFT to a plastic substrate rather than a glass one, reducing weight by about 90%.

From what we can see, these flexible displays are only “flexible” at the moment, but as Toshiba works on making larger and slimmer versions of this tech, we could be seeing a whole new kind of product. We’re hearing that Toshiba aims for a “roll-up” tablet or some other sort of handheld by the year 2014 or 2015.

Personally, I’d be pretty happy with a display that rolls around my sleeve or something… and it has to be a touchscreen. We all love touchscreens.