Ring Mouse Is Sheer Genius

Ring Mouse Is Sheer Genius


Who needs a mouse pad? For that matter, who needs a mousing surface at all when you can get smarter with something like the Genius Ring Mouse. It’s a mouse that you wear like a ring, controlling your computer with a few gentle strokes of your thumb.

The Ring Mouse is a pretty novel concept. It sounds like they’ve put a very small trackpad on the ring portion, letting your thumb slide over it to move around. The “touch-control technology” allows for up to 1000 dpi sensitivity. I imagine this’d be pretty great for sales presentations and other situations.

Like so many other wireless mice, the Genius Ring Mouse operates on the popular 2.4GHz frequency for an effective range of up to 30 feet. A portable USB battery charger and hard-shell carrying case come bundled with the $69.99 accessory. Genius has announced that they’ll sell it to North American consumers, but didn’t indicate a launch date.