Samsung Solar Netbook Great Where Power Is Scarce

Samsung Solar Netbook Great Where Power Is Scarce


While we focus on innovations like Super AMOLED touchscreens and high-resolution cameras, there’s another concern for developing countries: having the power to juice up these gadgets. Samsung is apparently working on a solution to that and it’s going to be a solar-powered netbook.

I’m not entirely sure that some small solar panels are going to be able to absorb enough power to run a netbook for a substantial amount of time, but I’ll be more than happy if Samsung proves me wrong. We’ve seen solar panels as supplemental power on concept devices before, but if they can step it up even further, it’d be fantastic for places like Kenya where wall plugs aren’t exactly as accessible as you might think.

And that’s precisely where Samsung is holding a forum this week. They’re in Kenya showing off their usual array of notebooks, tablets, and other electronics for Africa, but the solar netbook is really going to be the media darling if it holds up. That sure beats the hand crank we once saw the OLPC.

Photo: Concept