Google Chromebooks Unveiled: Orders June 15

Google Chromebooks Unveiled: Orders June 15


Google has announced the first commercial Chromebook laptops at the Google I/O conference today. The Chromebook laptops come after Google’s 6-month long pilot program testing Chrome OS on the CR-48 netbook with businesses and developers throughout the USA.

Samsung and Acer are set to release the first Chromebook laptops on June 15. The Samsung Chromebook is priced at $429 for the Wi-Fi only version, and $499 for 3G. The Acer Chromebook Wi-Fi is priced at $349 and closely resembles the CR-48 prototype. Both will sell initially to the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

At the core of each Chromebook is the Chrome web browser. The web has millions of applications and billions of users. Trying a new application or sharing it with friends is as easy as clicking a link. A world of information can be searched instantly and developers can embed and mash-up applications to create new products and services. The web is on just about every computing device made, from phones to TVs, and has the broadest reach of any platform. With HTML5 and other open standards, web applications will soon be able to do anything traditional applications can do, and more.

Google has also announced Chromebooks for Business and Education. The monthly service from Google gives IT administrators a cloud management console “to remotely administer and manage users, devices, applications and policies.” They will also receive enterprise-level support, warranties and hardware refreshes. Monthly subscriptions will start at $28 and $20 per user for business and schools respectively. This price includes the Chromebook itself.