Continental ContiGuard Uses Two Cameras to Brake Automatically

Continental ContiGuard Uses Two Cameras to Brake Automatically


We’re not quite at the stage where our cars are driving themselves, but more and more of these systems are being implemented to automate the process. We already have cars that can parallel park themselves and now we’re getting a more advanced system for hitting the brakes too.

What’s new about the ContiGuard system from Continental is that it actually mounts two CMOS cameras behind the windshield, about 20cm apart from one another. This results in the same kind of the parallax shift that our eyes provide for our brains to place objects within a 3D space. And so, this automatic braking system is better able to judge the location (and movement) of potential obstacles, either braking the car automatically or alerting the driving to avoid a collision. It’s said to be accurate within 20-30cm from a distance of 20-30 meters, though it works for objects up to 60 meters away.

We’re getting there. Mount more cameras all the way around the car, punch in the destination via a touchscreen interface, and let the car cruise its way to the office for you.