Motorola XPRT Smartphone is the Android Blackberry

Motorola XPRT Smartphone is the Android Blackberry


Attempting to slide into the enterprise world with an alternative to the ridiculous market grasping RIM Blackberry, Motorola has made the XPRT and Titanium Android smartphones available from Sprint.   Yes, Motorola is resorting back to its old four-letter, all-caps naming scheme like the classic RAZR.  I doubt this will be the game changer the RAZR was;  it’s good to see that Android will handle enterprise level security with the XPRT.

“256-bit AES data encryption and controls which will allow IT administrators to remotely control the phone i.e. lock/data wipe in case it gets stolen or lost.”

You get Froyo, a 3.1-inch HVGA display, that QWERTY keyboard you’ve come to love, corporate mail, world mode for international roaming, 3G hotspot, 5MP camera, Bluetooth 2.1, and access to Android Market of course. Look for the XPRT to hit the usual channels on June 5 for $129.99 on an eligible two-year contract.

Tapping into the bread and butter of Nextel, we have the Motorola Titanium. It’s the first Nextel Direct Connect smartphone with Android 2.1. Going beyond the PTT function, the Motorola i1 successor gets a 3.1-inch touchscreen, military grade toughness, QWERTY keyboard, corporate mail, 5MP cam, GPS, and stereo Bluetooth.   They’re not as sexy or svelte as the consumer-targeted smartphones, but these are more suitable for guys working in the field.  No word on Titanium availability just yet.