Sony Didn’t Contact FBI Until Two Days After Data Theft

Sony Didn’t Contact FBI Until Two Days After Data Theft


This whole PlayStation Network hacking fiasco has been a PR nightmare for Sony and it looks like the bad press is about to get a heck of a lot worse. Not only did Sony allow the hackers to gain access to your account info and your credit card info, apparently they waited two days before they even thought to contact the proper authorities.

Based on the most recent reports, Sony didn’t make first contact with the FBI until two days after they discovered the security breach. What’s more, they didn’t meet up with FBI officials over the matter until five days later. During those five days, who knows what the hackers were able to accomplish and how much of that could have been prevented with the right intervention.

Sony is saying that Anonymous, the group that has no trouble taking down other major corporations to make a statement, indirectly allowed the hacker(s) to get into Sony’s servers. Yes, they’re trying to make themselves out to the be the victim here — and they are a victim — but they could have done more to protect themselves and their users.

It doesn’t help that Sony isn’t being exactly open and forthcoming with what little information it has.

“Sony needs to make a statement to consumers: ‘You will not be harmed, and we will indemnify you against any harm,'” said Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter. “And they just have not done that in any of their apologies.”