Radioactive Cars Shipped from Japan (But Don’t Worry About It)

Radioactive Cars Shipped from Japan (But Don’t Worry About It)


Sadly, the stories coming out of Japan aren’t nearly as comical as their radioactive counterparts on The Simpsons. That said, should they be raising the kinds of alarms that they are?

Take, for instance, reports coming out of Chile that cars shipping from Japan are arriving on their ports with “low levels of radioactivity.” That’s right. The first batch of “radioactive cars” from Japan have hit the western world. This is surely going to snowball into all sorts of reports regarding radioactive electronics and radioactive Domokun stuffed animals, but should we be worried?

I don’t think so. Based on the shipment of nearly 2,500 cars aboard the Hyundai 106 cargo ship from Yokohama, about 21 of those were found with some level of radioactivity. The Chilean nuclear commission has confirmed that the radioactivity in these cars “is too low to cause damage to humans.” Even so, they’re hosing the vehicles down to make sure they’re super safe.

Like so many other news stories, this is another that’s likely getting blown out of proportion. You know those bananas you buy at your local grocery store? They emit low levels of radioactivity too (no joke). If only Fallout Boy was there to save you from such a dangerous fruit.