PSN “Welcome Back” Program Includes Free PlayStation Plus

PSN “Welcome Back” Program Includes Free PlayStation Plus


Unless you’ve been isolating yourself in a WiFi-less mansion outside of Islamabad for the last while, you’ve likely heard about how Sony’s PlayStation Network was compromised. Well, Sony is ready to bring PSN back to the masses next week over the next week with “Phased Global Rollout of Services to Begin Regionally,” announcing a “Welcome Back” program.

So, let’s start with the good news. The good news is that the Welcome Back program includes 30 days of free PlayStation Plus. If you don’t have PlayStation Plus, then you get to try it out. If you already have PlayStation Plus, they’ll extend your expiry date by 30 days. They’re also offering a month of free downloads for “selected PlayStation entertainment content.”

Sony is gearing to get PSN back online next week and it’ll get beefed up with increased security, hoping to prevent similar situations in the future. The bad news? In the present, about 10 million credit card accounts may have been compromised by the hackers. So, yeah, you might want to keep an eye on your transactions on those cards or, better still, ask your credit card company for a new number altogether.