TiGr Titanium Bicycle Lock Keeps Security Elegant

TiGr Titanium Bicycle Lock Keeps Security Elegant


With summer just around the corner, more folks are going to be hopping onto their two-wheelers to trek around the city. Unfortunately, there are thieves lurking around every corner, so you’ll want to have the right kind of security. The TiGr lock could be the elegant lightweight ticket.

Unlike conventional D-style bike locks, the TiGr is made of a flexible titanium bow. Like a giant flexible U, it’ll wrap through your front wheel and around the thing where you’re securing your bike (e.g., parking meter). The two ends of the TiGr then meet back up where you secure them with a locking cylinder.

The idea is that you get “a really secure bike lock that’s actually sexy.” The titanium is flexible, but very difficult to cut (it stood up to a 48-inch bolt cutter). When riding, the TiGr can then wrap around the top cylinder of your bike (and you stow the locking cylinder in your pocket).

It seems like an interesting idea, but I imagine the titanium could make this lock a fair bit pricier than conventional steel counterparts ($150 for your own). If you want to see it made into a reality, head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge your part. The project needs $37,500 and it has raised over $19,000 thus far.