Police Can Raid iPhone of all its data in 15 Minutes

Police Can Raid iPhone of all its data in 15 Minutes


A cell phone is a highly personal product. It also contains a treasure trove of personal information that could be used against you in a court of law. The scary thing is that the police can strip your iPhone of everything it knows in 15 minutes flat using just one click of a mouse button.

The program is called Lantern 2 and, instead of using dedicated hardware like the UFED Handheld that we saw last week, it’s just software they can run on their computer. You plug in the iPhone, click the run button, and away it goes.

Fifteen minutes later, the law enforcement officer can sift through the easy to understand interface to find all your text messages (arranged in chronological order, of course), all the pictures you’ve taken, your Facebook friend list, your Skype call history, and more. Oh, and you know how your iPhone has that hidden location tracking thing running in the background? Lantern 2 seems like it grabs that too, as well as a record of every cell phone tower your device has ever reached.

The good news is that they still need physical access to your phone for those fifteen minutes, so just don’t give the authorities a reason to want said access.