Biodegradable Phoenix Concept Car Made of Bamboo and Rattan

Biodegradable Phoenix Concept Car Made of Bamboo and Rattan


There’s more to going green than cutting back on your fuel consumption. You also have to consider the sustainability of the manufacturing process and what you do with the product after it’s reached the end of its life cycle. And that’s where the Phoenix Concept Car comes into the picture.

No, it’s not really as sexy as the Tesla Roadster, but what’s interesting is that the Phoenix has a body that is made of bamboo and rattan, two of the most sustainable materials on Earth.

Made by Kenneth Cobonpue and Albrecht Birkner, the Phoenix looks more like a fancy broom than a usable vehicle. Of course, it’s not made entirely of bamboo and rattan. They’ve also used some steel and carbon fiber for durability, though I’m not sold on how well the natural elements will hold up in a collision.

The other missing component? The engine. There’s no motor in there right now, but I’d imagine that the green philosophy would extend there too. An electric motor might not be such a bad idea, since the heat from internal combustion could, well, combust the bamboo and rattan.

I’ll stick with rattan for furniture and laundry baskets, thanks.