Remote Mobility Zone Shoehorns Cell Tower in a Suitcase

Remote Mobility Zone Shoehorns Cell Tower in a Suitcase


Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg might have had quite a hit back in 2006 when they put a certain male body part in a box, but this AT&T innovation might be a little more useful albeit slightly less comical.

Dubbed the Remote Mobility Zone, it’s basically a cell phone tower that fits inside of a suitcase. If you’re tired of dropped coverage, you really can’t beat carrying around your own coverage, right? Naturally, this kind of product isn’t really being targeted at the average Joe; it’s more for disaster relief and emergency personnel.

Also, while the device fits inside a suitcase, it won’t really work on its own. First, it needs a separate satellite dish. It also needs an external power source. Even so, this is still more mobile and ready to go than some previous offerings.

The Remote Mobility Zone from AT&T can handle up to 14 simultaneous calls, plus some (less than 3G) wireless data if you really need to update your Twitter. Pick up a unit for $15,000 to $45,000, excluding monthly fees. No word on whether you need to sign a service agreement to get one.