Latest Mockup of Upcoming Apple iPhone 5

Latest Mockup of Upcoming Apple iPhone 5


Everyone and their grandmother (almost literally) is sitting on pins and needles waiting for Steve Jobs to cross the stage yet once again to reveal how he’s changing smartphones all over again with the iPhone 5. The latest rumors point toward a September launch, so until then, we have conjecture and hearsay. We also have the latest mockup of the iPhone 5, based on the most recent and most accurate information available.

Note that this is indeed a mockup and not the real device, since none have been left behind at a random bar (at least not yet). The most prominent change is the move away from the flat edges of the iPhone 4 and toward more of an iPod touch style roundness. It’ll also reportedly have more of a “teardrop” profile, not unlike the MacBook Air, tapering from fat at the top to thin at the bottom.

Some early rumors pointed toward a stretch to a four-inch screen, but now a 3.7-inch Retina Display is starting to sound more likely. This will have the same resolution as the iPhone 4, but will get much closer to an edge-to-edge display with virtually no bezel. Further still, the earpiece and sensors might be behind the screen too, though we’re not sure how well that’d work.

Despite other rumors that the home button was being abandoned, it seems that an expanded home button could be in the works. This will provide a gesture area that is not unlike the Palm Pre 2 (except Steve will say it’s completely different and then sue HP/Palm over it later). Similarly, an inductive charger might be in the works, again not unlike the TouchStone on the HP/Palm phones.

And it’s gonna be a world phone, meaning it could utilize the Qualcomm Gobi chipset for some dual GSM/CDMA action. That could be good for Verizon.

What do you think? I like the near bezel-free design and I don’t mind the teardrop idea. I just hope that it really does bring something new to the table aside from a new shape.