How to Get T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet for $100 Less

How to Get T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet for $100 Less


Psst. I’ve got a little secret to share with you. If you’re thinking about picking up a new tablet device and you’ve got your eyes set on the G-Slate from T-Mobile, there’s a way to get it for $100 less than the $530 advertised price.

You ready for it? Okay, here goes: Call them and ask for the discount. Instead of going to a physical retail location, simply ring them up on the phone and say that you want the G-Slate, quoting promo code GSLATE100 if they ask for it. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, it comes with a fair bit of baggage. In order to qualify for this price, you need to already have a voice plan (or get one) and you need to sign up for a two-year data contract too. There’s also a pesky mail-in rebate.

Really, T-Mobile? $430 for a tablet on contract? Considering that most of the other tablets out there — PlayBook, Galaxy Tab, iPad — can be had for $500 or so out of contract, this doesn’t sound like much of a deal anymore. Don’t be fooled by that unlimited data plan either.